The Iowa Center for Gene Therapy was established in 1998 to promote research and training in molecular medicine with a focus on        translational research using gene therapy approaches to treat inherited and acquired diseases. In this spirit, our center focuses on serving as a resource to facilitate interdisciplinary interactions between diverse basic and clinical science research laboratories through centralized administrative and technical support, as well as providing a forum for impromptu and formal exchanges of information and ideas. Diseases of the lung, cardiovascular system, muscles, brain, and skin are focus areas of research as well as the development of gene therapy vectors and the identification of disease-causing genes. The Center currently has 69 active faculty members, numerous trainees at all levels of study, and is linked to a Ph.D. training program in Molecular Medicine and Gene Therapy through the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology. The Center and the Carver College of Medicine supports a number of world-renowned research cores that provide excellent state of the art research infrastructure. It is our intention that this web site not only provide information on Gene Therapy Center services for members, but that we convey a sense of the excitement inherent in the field of gene therapy research to researchers and students considering entering this field.



Thursdays - 8:00 am

Room 2114 ML

April 17: Alex Horswill

Title:  Quorem sensing and quenching in the Staphylococci

May 1:   Kin Fai Au


Current Research

For a list of 2013 publications from all Gene Therapy Center members, please click here.